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Sex is what keeps relationships alive and makes you want to see your partner more. To some, sex is sacred and to others it is a means to an end. We have different reasons why we have sex. However, it is always important to understand the health benefits of sex according to West Midland escorts. Here is a look at some of the health benefits of sex.
Burns calories
Sex can burn calories. According to research done by sexologists, 85 calories can be burnt if you have sex for at least 30 minutes. To some, this may sound as an insignificant number of calories, however, repeating sex a few times will drastically burn calories.
Enhances immunity
Sex also has the power to enhance your immunity. Your body will be immune to conditions such as cold and a myriad of infections. Having it at least once a week helps the body produce antibody IgA. This is what helps keep infections at bay and keep you healthy always.
Reduces stress
This is a common health benefit. Stress is lower and better handled by people who regularly engage in sex as compared to those who don’t. According to experts, women who engage in sex most often will have their blood pressure lowered. This means they will be relieved from stress.
Strengthens the heart
Most people avoid having sex especially when they have been diagnosed with heart problems. Most believe that sex can cause a stroke. However, these claims have no base. According to British researches, sex does the fact, having sex twice or more times a week reduces chances of having hearty attacks.
Enhances self-esteem
According to researches done, most people have attested to the fact that sex boosts their self-esteem. Sex therapists also agree that having sex makes you feel good about yourself. Therefore, people with low self-esteem are sometimes advised to have sex more often.
Reduces pain
Endorphins are normally released in plenty when one is having sex. This is what reduces the plain in our bodies .so people who suffer from headaches, arthritis and other pains are advised to find some relief in sex. This is a natural pain reliever that you should try.
Reduces risk of prostate cancer
Frequent ejaculation is good for your prostrate has been proven that men who ejaculate more in their 20s reduce the chances of suffering from prostate cancer in their old age. Therefore, you should always ensure you ejaculate.